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This interview is part of our Avenue to the IGF sequence.

Memory Card is a gaggle of enchancment builds, small creations, pictures, works in progress, and worlds throughout the technique of coming collectively, captured as-is by their developer and laid out for the participant to experience. It’s an open look into the developer’s creative course of, offering each factor that they’d labored on over a interval.

Sport Developer sat down with Lily Zone, developer of the IGF Nuovo Award-nominated experience, to check what them in bringing a gaggle of these works collectively, the throughline that connects a lot of these works if avid gamers take the time to see it, and the thought course of that goes into deciding when a chunk is admittedly “completed” or “full”.


Who’re you, and what was your perform in creating Memory Card? 

Lily Zone, Memory Card developer: I’m Lily “Creator of Memory Card” Zone, creator of aforementioned
Recollections. I made most of the reminiscences alone, with Zoë Sparks
contributing some music, writing, and quite a few odds and ends to
“Day/Night Metropolis,” “The Digital Museum of Lifeless-Wifery,” and “Elf

What’s your background in making video video games? 

Zone: I lay in mattress every night and might’t stop desirous about
flooring plans. I have been making video video games for better than 12 years now.

In early 2010, I had dropped out of highschool and was staying
with my mom and father whereas I waited out the document for public housing. Throughout the meantime, I wasn’t doing quite a bit, and for the first time in my
life felt firm to hole up in my mattress room and by no means pay attention
to the pores and skin world. 

Presently I was principally doing seen art work
and music, nevertheless I had downloaded Valve’s Hammer Editor and commenced
cobbling collectively an unlimited pointless public developing with lots of
halls and empty rooms. I had the thought I’d in the end add “gameplay”
on prime, although I quickly realized how boring I found attempting to
make the map work as part of an FPS. I misplaced steam and step-by-step
gave up on it. Just some months later, I tried messing spherical with a
shmup endeavor in a pirated copy of Sport Maker 8, nevertheless in no way acquired far
with that, each. 

I might variety these splendid visions of a sport in
my head and actually really feel motivated to work on an thought until I observed its
obscure outline on my show, nevertheless may in no way lengthen the associated fee
previous that point. I’d instantly lose curiosity any time I wanted to
design the additional prosaic parts of the game. I’d acquired to the aim
of getting a stage, a spaceship that bops spherical, a button that
sprays some bullets, nevertheless tying this all collectively proper right into a further
coherent type would develop into draining and my pursuits would switch
elsewhere. If the boundaries of a sport have been categorical, I’d actually really feel
myself groaning as I mechanically plugged away at it. 

It was arduous
to justify enduring this predictable grind in course of an imagined
future degree, which turned increasingly bleak as a result of it wore on me.
Due to this, for the first yr or so I felt like I was merely
piling up belongings with little thought what to do with them. In course of
the tip of 2010, I be taught a thread on the SaltW boards the place a variety of
of us have been posting fashions that they’d made toying with Wings3D.
Although I had used a variety of FPS stage editors, I acquired the impression
exact 3D modeling was comparatively inaccessible, and had in no way
truly considered doing it, nevertheless seeing completely different of us with no
experience make janky little block of us and janky little block
areas, I instantly felt drawn to attempt it myself. 

I am solely succesful
of finding out one thing by aimlessly fumbling about prolonged ample, so
throughout the first couple months I hadn’t even found how one can add
textures or truly make one thing nevertheless block constructions. The basic
directions have been simple ample though that, over time, I picked it up
little by little, and the additional I developed an intuitive feeling for it,
the additional 3D modeling turned one factor I’d do impulsively. I
nonetheless hadn’t truly “accomplished” one thing, nevertheless I started
compulsively modeling points each time I had time. 

After I had failed at ending a variety of initiatives, I had all
these belongings laying spherical that I’d loosely sew collectively when
I was bored. They’d deal with new shapes, and every gap left a
space to broaden on. Switching parts out, squirreling bits away in
nooks and crannies, months go by and 100 secret areas with 100
secret doorways naturally take type throughout the course of. I am utterly
obsessed by this tendency. Making a compelling and novel sport
through sheer drive of will is hard, nevertheless you’ll play peek-a-boo
all day and it’s low-cost. There are a million strategies to peel away a
set of objects, and each time you do there’s alternate options to
cake on further, until the boundaries develop into blurry. 

Anyway, I hope
this legitimizes my good passion for goofing off throughout the eyes of
most people. 

How did you provide the concept for Memory Card? For releasing lots of your work as-is on this type of assortment? 

Zone: Successfully, I made a bunch of video video games, nevertheless didn’t want to submit just one
sport so I submitted the entire video video games. 

What enchancment devices have been used to assemble your video video games? 

Zone: Gimp, Wings3D, Audacity, RPGMaker VX Ace, Unity, the classics. 

[Zoë Sparks: For what of my work is in here, in addition to the engines
Lily mentioned: Schism Tracker, SoX, Inkscape, Gimp, Krita, my
cut-ups tool Scissors (,
Ruby, Cairo, Pango, FFmpeg, JACK, Vim. I guess also like, in the
background, zsh, LXTerminal, i3wm, Gentoo GNU/Linux.] 


What concepts went into creating the framework that accommodates your quite a few buildings, sims, drawing, and scribbles? Into giving the participant a spot to entry all of this stuff as a substitute of merely the raw devices themselves? 

Zone: The entire stuff I’m doing is already merely fragments of 1 different sport
I play in my head, the place I half-sleeping stare on the wall, or a
show, or on the timber all through the easiest way, and on its components endeavor
the hazy outline of 1 different place over it. I can gauge the
distance between a spot in memory in direction of irrespective of is in my
imaginative and prescient by the discrepancies between their components, and from these
discrepancies new areas are conjured up. 

I wander these areas
in my concepts all the time, and collect many money. Usually
there are secret doorways. It is a very beautiful place and I would like
to be there on a regular basis. Little has anyone suspected, nevertheless the
group of the Memory Card exposes an even bigger thought course of
that runs through all my output and until now has solely been
expressed by its fragments. 

What was the enchantment in sharing these creations as-is whilst you found them? What did you hope they may spark throughout the participant? What did you hope it would spark in your self? 

Zone: I hope of us may uncover some attention-grabbing points throughout the put together
of thought that runs through all of them. There are points in them
you will not determine up on by themselves that you just may uncover when
you see all of them organized chronologically. I really feel which can add
further to the experience of them than in case you occur to have been to easily check out
one in all many objects individually. 

Wanting on the timestamps, you
can see how there have been positive points I was desirous about
month-to-month or day-to-day that bought right here out throughout the utterly completely different
objects in a number of strategies.

There are points I get preoccupied by for months typically that
I cannot let go, and folks will current up in all my work on the time
in a number of strategies. 

For me, the enchantment is kind of like finding out a
journal I had been conserving, in that I don’t on a regular basis assume quite a bit
shortly what I was so caught on on the time and I can revisit
that through seeing the entire objects organized like this. Usually
it seems uncommon to me what I believed was so needed on the

Did you feel any compulsion to make any alterations to these creations sooner than releasing them? 

Zone: To be reliable, I really feel I’m too lazy to return and alter stuff.
However moreover, I really feel it is going to be kind of an injustice in a strategy to
return and alter points with this endeavor. It can obscure
what truly occurred. Then it could not make a superb “Memory
Card” in a method.

I do prefer to return and repeatedly exchange points, speaking in
widespread, nevertheless for this piece I wanted it to be a doc of what
was going down over the span of time it covers. 

How did you choose what to include throughout the experience? For individuals who included each factor, why did you choose to do that? 

Zone: I included each factor I started work on from the time I began
Betsy’s Hospital (Nov. 2019) up until the present. In the intervening time, there had been a variety of years the place I had been principally centered on
the large initiatives Zoë and I had been doing collectively and I hadn’t
truly had the impulse to easily start working off the cuff on a
little sport like that. That was the first sport I had made that
means since Overworld (Sep.

Moreover, Betsy’s Hospital feels to me like the first piece
the place I started following a trajectory I’ve been on ever since

I was branching out a lot at that time- I started a comic book e-book, I was making further seen
art work, I did one other small video video games afterwards, and so forth. Since we moreover
submitted definitely one in all our large sport initiatives (~Music of Homunculus~),
I believed this can be a nice answer to current the other tracks I’ve
been on alongside these large initiatives. 


How did it actually really feel to launch this stuff to the world on this implies? 

Zone: I suggest, I hoped that people wouldn’t merely be like, “What the
fuck?” [laughs]. I hoped of us would actually go for it, I suppose.
Like, work together with it by itself stage and assume it’s attention-grabbing
finally, , as a “memory card.” Whether or not or not they
start at first or just soar in someplace and start
feeling points out. I hoped some of us had an experience like
that, I suppose. That’s what I was pondering after I put this out. 

Whether or not or not some devices aren’t technically “accomplished,” or present solely a imaginative and prescient of 1 factor that could be, there is a magnificence in  experiencing this stuff as they’re. They exist, and are placing of their existence, throughout the type that they are no matter the place they’re at as a “completed” work. What feelings did you hope to draw from the participant in seeing and experiencing these things of a creative course of? 

Zone: Successfully, I really feel for anyone who’s into my stuff, I might hope maybe
this may increasingly give a particular strategy on it for them they will not
in some other case have, just because they have no idea what I’m pondering
about day-to-day or irrespective of. I take all that stuff with no consideration
on account of I’m the one pondering it regularly and having to dwell
in my physique, nevertheless completely different people who like my stuff, I cannot inform how
quite a bit they study any of it or what any of it is. I worry
about all my stuff merely seeming incoherent and arduous to entry and
I want to consider maybe completely different of us can endeavor their very personal
reminiscences of place (i.e. weird daycare) onto its type, which makes
my job easier anyway. 

As far as points being accomplished or not, I really feel I solely truly
title one factor “completed” when the thought behind it has kind of utterly
left my system and I no longer have the equivalent drive to work it
out. I really feel there’s a degree the place I get tired of any given
incarnation of an thought, after which I might usually say “it’s
accomplished.” One thing I might do on it at the moment is kind of
“ineffective” in a approach.

If I want to return to it later, I’ll merely technique it in a
utterly completely different variety as a substitute. Like, Walpurgisnacht has some comparable
supplies to Picture, nevertheless clearly I didn’t merely return to Picture and make a model new mannequin. I wanted to go and do one factor
else. After which as soon as I acquired sick of that after a month, I tried to
wrap it up and put it out on the earth. 

Nonetheless I actually really feel like if one thing the reality that now we now have three huge
unfinished initiatives already, after which I’ve acquired my huge unfinished
hall sport, is kind of fine in a method, on account of these ideas dwell
on they usually’re on a regular basis altering and new shit is happening and
I’ve had a billion utterly completely different ideas about all of them at utterly completely different
cases and some of them work out and some of don’t and some of
them get used throughout the completely different video video games in a number of strategies. They’re
on a regular basis transforming and taking up weird shapes. 

Even the utterly completely different builds of points on this, or irrespective of, I really feel
kind of current this a little bit bit bit. I do know there’s not that many
utterly completely different builds, in addition to, I really feel they current a little bit bit slice of
it. You might even see with Kid’s Metropolis, as an example, I do understand it has a
truly early assemble the place it’s merely one in all many exterior areas, and
I had a very utterly completely different image of that sport then. In that house, even
the buildings are prepare in a number of strategies. A couple of of them
are prepare reminiscent of you are ready to walk into them, nevertheless you didn’t end
up being able to do that finally. Points like this – areas
the place I wanted positive potentialities open nevertheless I ended up going
with completely different directions finally that turned out to essentially really feel further
thrilling to me. 

To that end, I finally did hit some extent the place I was kind of
equivalent to “god I’m so sick of engaged on this sport” after which I
merely wrapped it up and accomplished it, after which it’s “ineffective”. Nonetheless I
guess then it’s alive for various of us; it is part of their world
and to allow them to do irrespective of with it. That’s actually part of what I
truly get pleasure from about how I’ve been releasing the hall sport; at each
step I can kind of get a way for what of us actually really feel about it. It feels thrilling to take heed to of us’s responses, nevertheless I moreover
actually really feel like I’m repeatedly altering it and together with on this and

Anyway, in that sense, I really feel a accomplished sport, for me, is just one
I don’t even have any curiosity in going once more to in meaning
anymore. Sooner than that, when it’s nonetheless a “residing endeavor,” it goes
through many alternative varieties, even altering day-to-day, and I
assume all of those might be attention-grabbing of their very personal strategies. You could
see the entire utterly completely different paths I had open at utterly various factors, all
the problems I believed may have been attention-grabbing that I did or
didn’t do or may have come out a definite means finally or
that kind of issue. I’ve a bunch of beta ROMs of assorted video video games
on my arduous drive; which is my splendid answer to experience any given

What impressed the game’s establish, Memory Card? Why do you feel it suited the experience you’ve gotten been inserting collectively? 

Zone: Successfully I’ve reminiscences and I wanted to position them collectively and, you
know, why not a memory card? Looking at weird earlier memory taking part in playing cards
is kind of satisfying in case you occur to’ve ever gone through them. It is not a
memory card primarily, nevertheless I on a regular basis take note, it was actually
mysterious to me, the entire saves on rented carts, on account of I acquired
into Mega Man Legends, uh, which was referred to as Mega Man 64 (its
N64 port in truth, on account of , N64 each factor has to have
the “64”). Nonetheless, I take note, on the time as soon as I first rented that
sport, I did not get how one can play it the least bit. I might on a regular basis merely

However it appeared like a variety of completely different of us had carried out through
it. There was only one slot on the bottom that hadn’t been used.
The rest of them have been all full. There have been utterly completely different parts of the
sport with utterly completely different people who had carried out it. I take note one time there was a save file correct sooner than the final word boss, and I
take note I might merely watch it, like I might watch the opening. 

Like, run throughout the final dungeon a little bit bit bit, on account of there
have been no monsters throughout the half they’ve been in foremost as a lot because it, and
go and watch the cutscene. I didn’t even notice it was the ultimate
boss, I was equivalent to, “Wow, what may the plot of this sport be,
crazy,” or irrespective of, and do it repeatedly and get killed
inside three seconds. Nonetheless I needless to say sport truly fixated me
and as soon as I did lastly get a used copy… 

Successfully that’s one different
story- nevertheless anyway that kind of issue truly captivated me, merely
seeing the disconnected flashes of assorted sections from the
sport that completely different of us had expert and me, kind of stumbling
into it, as on a regular basis.

This sport, an IGF 2022 finalist, is featured as part of the IGF Awards ceremony, occurring on the Sport Builders Conference on Wednesday, March 23 (with a simultaneous broadcast on GDC Twitch).